Adidas steps up with the best running shoe of 2015

Adidas and Nike have always been racing one another to push out the best running shoe. Nike put out the cheap and affordable Roshe Runs, Adidas responded with the energy boosts. Nike puts out the free run 5.0s and Adidas responds with the ultra boost. This year with a little help from the College Dropout Kanye West, Adidas took the title of having the best running shoe of 2015. In 2013, Kanye West decided to cut ties with Nike (due to not getting royalty for the shoes he designed, Nike Air Yeezys) and move onto partner with Adidas. In the Summer of 2015, Kanye was spotted performing in the white Adidas ultra boost running shoe. The shoe was unheard of until the artist starting wearing it out in public, and it gained massive publicity and attention from everyone. He also talked about the shoe briefly during the Caitlyn Jenner “I am Cait” series premiere. (

Adidas capitalized on the success their new partner was bringing towards their shoe and released more colorways and made it their main focus product of 2015.  At a steep price point of 210 dollars the shoe sports a primeknit upper, and a sock like fit for comfort. Adidas’ “boost” cushioning material takes away the generic sole of the shoe, and replaces it with a material for response and energy return. Many people described their experience with the boost material as “walking on clouds”.  The notorious torsion system, provides heel-to-forefoot stability. As far as the traction, Adidas calls it the “stretch web” which gives the shoe more flex around the boost material to create more comfort. To top it all off, the heel counter helps adapt to natural movement to provide the best support you can get. If you go on the Adidas website now, the first thing you can see is the advertisements and links to purchase the ultraboost.






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