Welcome to the future

Say goodbye to those chunky pedometers or even our high tech fitness apps and say hello to Biosensor tattoos made by Chaotic Moon Studios. These “tech-tats” will be able to monitor the users’ vital signs, location, movements as well as fitness information. All of the data will be forwarded data to their smartphones, in much the same way other fitness trackers work. While the name may be deceiving, this “tattoo” is actually non-evasive and just sits on top of the skin, making it easy to remove, replace or upgrade. The ink on the tattoo generates electrical interference which processes vital signs in the human body. As well as tracking your fitness progress this biosensor tattoo also helps examine your health. The tattoos could be used to detect everything from early symptoms of a fever, vital signs, and heart rate. This new technology has the potential to pass off physical examinations, which would usually be conducted at doctor’s offices.

During a workout people may often get carried away and don’t know their body well enough to recognize the signs of over-doing it. Every athlete should know the feeling of working out for a large amount of time and your energy levels dropping extremely. This is caused from over-exertion and lactate levels in the body spike causing extreme fatigue. The biosensor tattoo has the ability to measure lactate levels in the body so you have an outline of how much your body has to go before wearing out. This new innovation will not only be beneficial to training athletes, but to anyone who is required to perform intense physical activity. This tech-tat will create a healthier and efficient way to work out.

The biosensor tattoos are looking to evolve into more then just a workout and health tool. Scientists agree that these tattoos will be able to eventually stimulate the same abilities as the Apple smart watch or other relatable apps. The tattoo will be able to store, collect and share data between your smartphone devices. An example would be financial data, what you would call a digital wallet. This sort of upgrade would be ideal for this as the tattoo sits on the skin it would be less vulnerable to being lost or stolen.

The appearance of the biosensor tattoo will be a clear film that sticks to the skin, with or without the company logo. The electricity currents are not visible to the eye and will be generally worn on the arm or shoulder. The solution is non-expensive and easily disguisable underneath clothing as well. Researchers are continuing to test its durability as it is still a very new product. Studies will show the tattoo’s durability, washing tests and other varied mechanical strain tests.

This biosensor tattoo is the way of the future for all athletes. Non-evasive, hands free and discreet. This tech-tat will become all the rage and change the lives for everyone, athletes, doctors and just everyday situations.


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