Kayla Itsines, fitness star launches fitness app!

SWEAT! This is the new fitness application for women designed by Kayla Itsines, and every girl should have it!


kklinkKayla Itsines is a 24 year old certified personal trainer from Australia who has created a global movement (literally) with women looking to get in shape. 3 years ago, Kayla created a 12 week workout guide named “Bikini Body Guide” that included a detailed workout plan, as well as a guide of suggested food options to change your lifestyle into a healthy one for women. In a matter of months, Kayla was selling hundreds of these guides, and this is when she began using social media to promote her programs and services. Through different social media channels, Kayla has created a massive fan base, with 4 million followers on her Instagram alone.

On Kayla’s Instagram page, she posts photos of women of all shapes and sizes with a before and after photo from using her guides. With thousands of likes on each photo, women have created a online community to support each other’s program by following hashtags such as #BBG #BBGcommunity where they can find photos of each other while working through these workouts. 

Kayla’s next step for her success was to actually go on a global boot camp tour. In different countries, Kayla would offer a free workout session where hundreds of women would show up and partake in this group workout where she later promotes her product.

In a social and technologically advance generation, any good business owner will utilize social media to reach clients to their best of their ability. Kayla has now taken that to the next level, by announcing a much anticipated app called Sweat. This app was created by Kayla to make both her food and workout guides accessible by phone and virtually portable anywhere.

This app has been the number one seller on the application store, in the genre of health and fitness. Kayla has been extremely smart with her marketing tactics one social media in order to reach an even larger audience. Using Facebook, Instagram and Twitter she has designed her advertisements to show a small clip of her working out, with a colourful background and link.

Overall. It is clear that at 24, Kayla has become a world wide sensation becoming a positive role model for women seeking to live a healthier life and gain fitness results in a couple of months. Kayla’s app Sweat has a fee of 23.00 dollars on a monthly basis.


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