RUN MORE – It’s Time to Join the Club

Running clubs are popping up all over the world as a fun way to workout with like-minded people. These clubs have been around for a while now, but recently they have made a comeback, with photos popping up all over Instagram from savvy athletes.

One of the most popular and new running clubs in Toronto is Run More by Adidas. Each week people register and meet outside the Young and Dundas flagship store. Once registered you receive an exclusive discount to shop the store and of course a little free swag. We attended the run this past Monday to see what all the hype is about.

Upon arrival at the store and the vibes were amazing. We stepped inside to register, receive our discount card and then shop the store. I got a free tank but also picked up a sweater, a pair of shorts and the newly launched Adidas Boost.

Everyone sat around sipping water and stretching as we were told about the route we would be running (I chose to do the 5K as running is not my strong suit, but runners could opt in to run 10K) Before the run we climbed into the Instagram booth to take some pre-run photos in our new gear.

To add to the excitement we found out we were the first ones to try their new line, that won’t be launching for a few weeks. The new product was minimalistic in colour and design but extremely innovative in the technology used. I will absolutely be adding a few more pieces to my collection once the official line drops on December 14.

As a group we set out from the store and ran through Downtown Toronto. It was surprisingly invigorating to be running through the busy streets, while others were stuck in traffic.

They had a car in front of us with a camera mounted on the back. The shots of us running throw the streets with a dark sky and lights probably look amazing, I can wait for those to be released. Apparently depending on the quality of the shots, some may be used in their upcoming campaign. They are putting a big emphasis on doing an authentic add campaign, which is always cool to see from a big company.

The 5K ended back at the store, and the remainder of the participants went to run the east side of town. Back inside we were encouraged to post our photos to our social media, which I obviously jumped right on.

I then received an invite to their ‘midnight run’ where they run in the middle of the night to raise money for the Canadian Olympic team. I will be checking it out as there was a promise made of Olympic athletes attending.

Adidas is making a strong comeback in the North American market by pairing innovative technology with unique events to draw attention to their brand.

I encourage everyone to look into local clubs in your area, it’s a great way to get active, meet new people and have a good time.


Check out the #RUNMORE to see posts from the Toronto event as well as similar Adidas events taking place globally.




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  1. thuglife says:



  2. julie says:

    very informative thanks for the information. any chance you know when the next one is?


    1. cferg16 says:

      thank you Julie! the next run is December 7 at 6:30pm. Check out for more info.


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