Who doesn’t want to become instagram famous for their perfect derriere? Jen Selter has done just that. Originally known on Instagram for her #fitsperation and #belfies, Jen Selter has a made quite the name for herself in the fitness world.

Screen Shot 2015-12-07 at 7.58.36 PM

Jen Selter started her fitness career in 2012 working at a front desk for a gym where she really became passionate for the lifestyle. She began instagraming motivating fitness pictures and quotes that inspired her passion for fitness, but once she posted a photo of herself, Instagram blew up. She is now well known for her extreme squatting and lunging workout techniques, which is where her #belfie status comes into play. “Belfie” stands for butt-selfie, compared to just the regular selfies. Her online fame has also earned her deals with fitness brands and a closet full of her favorite butt-bearing garments.


Jen Selter has created an empire for herself in the fitness world. She started through social media with more then 7.5 million followers and is now being featured on talk shows and magazines. From People magazine, Vanity fair and even teaching Barbera Walters how to take a belphie, Jen has taken the fitness world by a storm.

Apart from just being an Instagram sensation, Jen Selter has come out with her own personalized workout routine, (with a focus on toned glutes and abs of course) and diet plans. Although she is not a trained fitness expert, she learned through other personal trainers and started her own workout routine with new tips and techniques which have an obvious effect.


Jen Selter is an inspiration for all those fitness freaks out there. She makes a point to say that she didn’t start out perfect and that she works every day to maintain her fitness goals, as she says she did not get that physique “by accident.” Jen has made working out her lifestyle and career and focuses on inspiring everyone to lead a healthy life.

Jen Selter has created the ultimate lifestyle for herself… not only for the best a** on Instagram but also an inspirational role model in the fitness industry.


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