Excercise, Sports, Gym… these 3 words are most commonly connected to the word “fitness”. They all fall under 1 big category… health. People who include a fitness routine into their daily lives, do it to either stay healthy and fit, or to be healthy and be fit. For most people they do end up being healthier and more fit, this leads them to be more comfortable about their appearance… this is where #TransformationTuesday steps in.

“#TransformationTuesday”is a well known hashtag on instagram users use when they post before and after pictures of how their appearance changed over time. The “transformation” part is up to the user, this can include anything from posting a picture of an old hair cut they had, to the one they have now, to posting an old baby picture compared to how they are all grown up. One of the most popular type of pictures that show up on there is, before and after pictures of individuals who gotten healthy and lost weight, like so in the picture below.

Screen Shot 2015-12-08 at 11.20.52 PM.png

Often times, the user would include the workout routine they used in the caption. This helps the creator of the routine get more publicity, and on occasion the user who was successful in the routine, will end up on the creators page or website, as a way to prove that their method of fitness, and training does work, and does help individuals feel more confident about their body.

People always claim it’s hard to find time for exercise, truth is we spend more time on social media then we do on fitness. #TransformationTuesday has become a great way to find motivation to do fitness, seeing all the changes one can go through just by including exercise in their routine. If you are finding a lack in motivation, we highly recommend you to scroll through the hashtag posts, and find a routine that fits your style.

It’s important for people to realize that including fitness in your routine is not hard. Being on instagram can be your first step into the fitness world


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